Professional Services

a) Tailor made software

  • We develop tail or made solutions, either from scratch, or going overe xisting code, enhancing or rebuilding functionality
  • Application migration.We migrate applications from native client-server enviroments to either web or mobile platforms
  • Supported operating systems
    • Windows
    • Windows Mobile & Web
  • Supported Tecnologies
    • Client-Server
    • Software as a Service
    • WEB
  • Supported Platforms
    • Application servers(Web)
    • Databases(SQL)
    • Stand-alone & Distributed environments

b) Service Delivery Unit

  • Application management. We provide out sourced specialized consultants to manage and Support customer applications, which can be developed by us or not. (xfer knowledge plan may be required)
  • We focus on specialized software
  • RFP & RFI creation. We help our customers creating RFI, requesting RFPs and evaluating software solutions

c) IT Consultancy

Our IT consulting services allow our customers grow, through best practices implementation, and redefining business processes. Our vsion is based on the ITIL framework, which allows successful implementation of IT business processes based on appropriate technology.

We better your business with appropiate IT solutions

d) Legal & Bidding IT Consultancy

We help our customers with legal IT assessments and Bidprocess management.

  • Expertise in government bidding processes, we build the technical response documents, bid management process and document referrals
  • IT Technical assessment on Legal processes (Financial focus)